Skull Energy Drink (24 Cans of 500ml)

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Detailed Description

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Skull Energy Drinks are proud to release our first 500ml can of VENGEANCE.

Packed with ginseng, and B vitamins VENGEANCE will keep you going for hours.

Packed with a special herbal Ginseng, VENGEANCE isn't your average energy drink. With a distinctive flavour, VENGEANCE is packed with energy. This is the first energy drink of its kind to focus on herbal energy rather than just sugar and as such the taste will be like nothing you would expect from a standard energy drink.

Make sure you keep VENGEANCE cold. If opened when warm VENGEANCE forms a 'head' similar to beer. This is not a fault, just a pleasant side effect of using natural Ginseng extract. You may also find small granules of Ginseng root in the bottom of your can. This is to be expected and is not harmful just a by-product of using natural ingredients.

If this isn't to your liking lookout for Skull OVERDRIVE coming soon with no Ginseng. Still in the 500ml can and packed with energy.

Make sure you look out for the distinctive bright green can in a dairy, supermarket or service station near you, and if they don't have it go in and break some skulls (figuratively speaking of course) or get the store manager to call 0800 4 SKULL and order it.

VENGEANCE  is sold by the case, which contains 24 cans of 500ml drinks.